Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox 360

What can i say, could i have picked a better day to start my new blog checking out the latest games for you guys and gals. Modern Warfare 3 has arrived on shelves this very day and if like me you went to the midnight release to grab one of the first copies... Congrats!

Single Player - Campaign 

Still Rich with effects and huge battle scenes

Now i have not completed the campaign in any way shape or form yet but i have to say initial thoughts are amazing this new sequel adds on to where Modern Warfare 2 left us off. The graphics seem more crisp and landscapes are just as rich as ever.

Of course this is in the Call Of Duty franchise meaning action is never short lived and you are thrown into the mix from the beginning. Few games keep the crazy roller coaster pace the COD franchise is famous for with brief seconds to breathe between the next eruption of gun play. New maps in single player can challenge even the battle hardened keeping you on your toes at all times, this is perfectly paired with the extreme responsiveness and well tuned shooting mechanics we have all come to love.

There is a downfall however in the games campaign i just can't seem to get too deep into the story as a new level starts and waves upon waves of enemies are thrown at you between objectives, you get caught up outside the story and cant really follow whats happening.

Online Multiplayer

Team Deathmatch in "Arkaden"

I believe COD lack on the single player but for one very good reason, their Multiplayer. When it comes to online gaming this is the Mach Daddy the one everyone wants, the one everyone gets so engrossed in. Whos got the better K/D ratio, whos higher prestige than who, how high can you rank up in the first few weeks. Its endless and i can guarantee it will be part of many peoples conversations for the weeks to come.

A new awesome addition to the games 'leveling up' mechanics are that now instead of just unlocking guns, they also have levels. This means perks such as hip fire accuracy or steady aim will be equipped to your gun once unlocked giving you a chance to unlock other perks while customizing your character.

Killstreaks have been reworked into 'Strike Packages' and you can choose which strike packages you wish to use. For example, if you love getting massive K/D ratios you can grab an assault package which will drop offensive weapons for you to use in battle. On the other hand if you like to be behind the front lines and prefer to support and snipe from a distance get the support strike package which will give rewards in that direction. Kill streaks for rewards ARE now carried over when you die this balances the game out for less experienced players helping them contribute to the fight.

I have noticed from both sides that a map can still be dominated if a team calls in a few assault care packages like in past COD games where maps were ruled by helicopters making it nigh-on impossible to move outdoors.

New game modes come into play such as kill confirmed and team defender which will bring in a new shake up for players already familiar with game modes of the previous games. Although all the previous game modes are still included for the hardened veterans amongst us. I myself have played a few games of Kill Confirmed and think it could be a new favorite with the aim being to kill a player and collect his dog tags, the twist is that the enemy team can collect their comrades tags effectively denying your kill. Ruling out camping and snipers completely.

The assault Strike Package

In Conclusion

The multiplayer of Modern Warfare 3 is by far the best it as ever been, adding extra features, game modes and a massive 16 initial maps for the player to enjoy. Single player and the return of spec ops missions add something nice to the package creating something which may not be perfect but is going to have people addicted for months and years to come non the less.

Graphics           : 8
Sound                : 8
Game Play        : 8.5
Lasting Appeal : 9.5

Final Verdict: 8.5 / 10

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